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Now Available! 💙🤍The delectable and unusual Glazed French blue finish on this queen bed ensures that it will be the perfect focal point for your bedroom, especially if you have a Traditional or Romantic interior design scheme. This is an exceptional queen bed with its solid wood construction and attractive carvings and it is sure to make a stunning visual impact in your home. I finish the bed with an exquisite Glazed French blue finish that is also distressed to create a sense of age with white & gold wax. The bed features an arched headboard that is topped with a frilly flourish of carvings. The combination of the pretty carvings and the distressed French blue results in a very nostalgic atmosphere that evokes the elegance of the past. Further carvings on the legs and finials atop each leg post add yet more decorative appeal to this Classical queen bed.🫅Contact price for shipping!Any reasonable offer consider!

Stunning French Blue Queen Ornate 4 poster bed

$800.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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